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Windy Day

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Melting Forest

Melting forest was created by first pouring blue paint across a white canvas then turning it so the paint moved in different directions all across the canvas. Once dry, purple paint was poured on the bottom of the canvas then slowly pushed up with a blow dryer. In the colorless space between, the browns and yellows were added. Later, the orange and the deeper blue that weaves across the painting was added. This required attention to the lines and shapes found within the poured paint. This creation was started while sitting in the middle of my front lawn letting paint pour all over the grass and me. This is one of my favorite paintings.

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Bubble Trees

Bubble Trees was created during a time when I was alone and recovering from a loss. Bubble trees took months to complete. Every line was created by following small details with a tiny brush as thin as one toothbrush thistle. I started this creation with molding paste and a scant amount of color spread across paper. I spent many peaceful hours alone following the lines and shapes created from the molding paste, discovering the feminine curves hidden within.

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Rolling molding paste with a light touch of gold, silver and green paint across paper created this painting. The negative space around the shape of the trees was originally painted white. With a small brush, the tiny fissures of molding paste were painted which created the curves now seen within the trees. There are images of shapely women's bodies within the tree trunks all connected at the base. The final touch was adding the green background. I like the green however I also really liked it when it had a white background. This creation reminds me that paintings may have many stages of completion and beauty.


Fire Trees

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