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Fish Art Gallery

At this time, please contact me if you are interested in a piece. I will be sure to get back to you to help answer any questions you may have or can assist you with a purchase. Thank you so much -Becka


Lets Go Fishing


The Kissing Fish

Original available. 40×40 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

The kissing fish lives in the deep dark parts of the ocean. Only one sighting has ever been documented. An artist who was deep sea diving heard the kissing sounds “Smack, smack, smack.” When she turned to see where the sound was coming from, she found herself face to face with the Kissing fish. The artist barely made it out of the water before being kissed. She was later able to replicate its dynamic features with acrylics on canvas.



The Bumble Fish

Original available. 40×40 acrylic and mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas


Today, the Bumble Fish lives in the Salmon River in Idaho. The Bumble Fish was created from a combination of bee larvae and salmon eggs. More than 2000 years ago a bumblebee hive fell into the Salmon River. The hive barged up against debris and tangled itself forever in the water. There, the passing salmon laid their eggs all around the hive. When the tiny bee larvae emerged from their hive, they met the salmon eggs that were all around. The little larvae were very hungry so they ate the salmon eggs. Those larvae grew into what is known today as the Bumble Fish. The Bumble Fish, though rare to be seen, will sometimes come to the waters surface if you sit on the shores of the Salmon River with a honey sandwich. If you study the Bumble Fish closely you will discover different traits of the Salmon Fish and the bumblebee. Be careful if you see one, as it is believed that a sting can be very painful and will forever give you a craving for lox.


Crazy Fish

Original Available. 36.5 x 24 on plywood.

Crazy fish lives on the caribbean side of Costa Rica. Crazy fish isn't half as crazy as one may expect. He lives the good life surfing around in the shallow waters. He lives a life called 'Pura Vida" which translates to the good life with no worries. 


 City Fish

Bio coming soon.

Charlie Fish

Original Available. 36.5 x 24 on plywood

Charlie fish lives off the coast of Maine. He is a deep sea underwater painter. His latest show was called "Seaweed in Transition." The exhibition included his famous piece "Is there something green in my teeth?" Charlie Fish is not only a successful underwater artist, he too is a piece of art. His creation began about 300 years ago just after the shipwreck of the "Nottingham Gallery," at Boon Island. Treasures of gold and art were lost at sea, sunk to a watery grave when the wood of the ship had broken and splintered against unseen rocks. . Over the next 300 years the sunken ship’s remains slowly decayed and tiny floating particles were eaten by the fish that swam nearby. Those fish laid eggs and the creation was “Charlie fish,” who boasts the beautiful gem treasures above his white crowns along with his gold markings. It is thought that he was derived from the painting of a king, the gold treasures of a queen and the ships wood; the majestic Eastern White Pine.