Becka Watkins

Circle Art

Unique installations, Digital Prints, and Cards


Unique Installations

Each circle is hand painted, hand cut and thoughtfully placed into the overall design. Joined by jump rings, they are framed at the top with an aluminum frame. They are ready to be hung indoors, are light in weight and can be hung from a wall or ceiling. Each one is unique unto itself and cannot be replicated.


“Behind The Curtain” Original available

“Well Rounded” Original available

“Diversity Within” Original available


The joy of removing the canvas from its traditional setting


Designing the back


The fun part, cutting the circles


The pretty leftovers


Hand punching holes

There has to be a better way!


Finding the design

Bringing them back together

Digital Prints & Cards

One of a kind digital designs created from original hand painted abstract works.

Prints & Cards available

Circle - Boundaries

“Circles are boundaries and safety, they are the beginning and the end.” 

- Quote on back of card

Circle - Sadness

“Sadness in the most wonderful feeling we have, it tells us how much we care.”

-Quote on back of card

Circle - Purpose

“Art’s purpose is to show us not only the vision of the artist, but more importantly, ourselves reflected in that art.”

- Quote on back of card

Circle - OK

“Guess what, you are ok exactly the way you are.”

-Quote on back of card

Circle - Feelings

“Don’t believe everything you think, feel feelings, not thoughts.”

-Quote on back of card

Circle - Normal

“You are not required to be more normal than normal people.”

-Quote on back of card