Becka Watkins




Thank you for visiting my site! I have a lot of exciting things to come. I am currently working with Boise State University to create a virtual reality game about a girl before, during and after an addiction. It is loosely based on my own 25 year struggle with an eating disorder. It was through creativity and immersing myself in art that I ultimately found recovery. I am now sharing my journey in hopes to show others that recovery is possible.

I am currently working on several art projects and a book. I am looking forward to the opportunity to be in some up coming art shows. Please check out my events page for more details on past and future shows.

My artwork explores the relationship between letting go and the need for control. I first grant myself permission to play with materials and to not be attached to the outcome. I begin with the movement of paint across canvas, blending and smearing colors often with my fingers. Shapes and textures form and images are revealed to me. I begin the act of controlling the boundaries to make the image more visible, often cutting out shapes or painting controlled detailed lines using a paint brush as thin as toothbrush thistle. With each piece of work I see the struggle of the human spirit; to let go, be free, to play without boundaries verses the constraints of needing to control the details of life, interactions and the manners for which we accomplish things. Within each piece there is a duality of this act of letting go and the need for control.